26 July 2023

Hard times for lavender

16 March 2023

Minutes of the seminar Routes of Lavender 2023

5 July 2022

lavender on the Unesco route ?

4 August 2021

What to do when the lavender has been harvested?

3 August 2021

#sauvonslenaturel: producers worried about the future of essential oils

28 May 2021

A scent of freedom!

7 November 2020

[:en]Professionals: use the notoriety of the Routes of Lavender![:]

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15 September 2020

2020 Season Review

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21 July 2020

Who is behind the Routes of Lavender?

[By rediscovering the perfume of my childhood at the bend of a distillery, I discovered a fascinating universe, with passionate people, who cultivate a noble product[:]