4 August 2021

What to do when the lavender has been harvested?

7 November 2020

[:en]Professionals: use the notoriety of the Routes of Lavender![:]

[:en] [:]
21 July 2020

Who is behind the Routes of Lavender?

[By rediscovering the perfume of my childhood at the bend of a distillery, I discovered a fascinating universe, with passionate people, who cultivate a noble product[:]
22 June 2020

A change of culture(s)?

[:en] The lavender starts to color the landscapes of Provence since a few days. In the plains, the lavender harvest could start quickly if the weather […]
21 May 2020

Lavender in all its states

[Synonymous with "well-being", lavender is above all the emblem of a region, Provence.
7 May 2020

Draw me… a lavender field!

  This week, we suggest an original family activity to occupy the last hours of confinement: coloring! If lavender is so appreciated by […]
9 April 2020

Lavender meditation

[:en]Lavender meditation Let's take a few moments to teleport ourselves to Provence![:]