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[:fr]La Bonne Etape Château Arnoux[:]

"Pleasing you is our pleasure!"

The Gleize family welcomes you with these few words. It must be said that here the pleasure, we know. It all started with a love story. Because of, or rather thanks to, a motorcycle breakdown at the bend in the road, Pierre Gleize, a confectioner by trade, crosses paths with Arlette Rey, whose family owns this 18th century post house, which has been converted into an inn over the years. From their union was born Jany, a future starred chef and the hotel La Bonne Étape, symbol of their meeting.


Over time, the beautiful family home has earned its stars and its place in the very closed club of Relais & Châteaux. Between the village and the hills, in a setting worthy of a Giono novel, it opens its heart to travelers and gourmets from all over the world, who “stop over” on the Napoleon Route between the Alps and the French Riviera. They come to recharge their batteries and enjoy the fresh air, in the soft light of Provence. And when their stay corresponds to the blooming of the lavender, they attend a show of an unbelievable beauty, a true hymn to nature.

Sleep well, eat well, quite simply!

If the Bonne Étape is such a good stopover, it is first of all because you can sleep well in one of the 18 rooms or suites, comfortable and decorated in different styles with period furniture. It is also because you can eat well here, with a choice of refined author’s cuisine in the gastronomic restaurant “La Bonne Etape”, or a gourmet journey carried by the simple and warm local cuisine of the Bistro Gaby.


Jany Gleize, a native of Château-Arnoux, inspires and exalts these two tables, where he combines tradition with emotion. We don’t propose a cuisine as high in flavors and colors, we don’t wish you “the best appetite in the world”, if we haven’t worked hard. Before becoming the owner of the restaurant, Jany went around the great houses and learned from the greatest masters: Jo Rostang in Antibes, Pierre and Jean Troisgros in Roanne, Alain Chapel in Mionnay, then Michel Guérard. He travels, works in London, goes to culinary festivals and gastronomic galas, honors heads of state at the table of the Élysée, during the bicentennial of the Revolution…

Conviviality, sharing and generosity

Inspired by the wonders of the vegetable garden, favoring quality and origin for its meat and fish, Jany Gleize’s cuisine reinvents the tradition of the Provencal recipes of her grandmother Gabrielle, nicknamed Gaby, the inspiration for the eponymous bistro. At the gastronomic restaurant, the desserts, including the famous lavender honey ice cream served in his beehive, pay tribute to Pierre, his father confectioner. The wines, from here or elsewhere, are an ode to conviviality, sharing and generosity.


La Bonne Étape is a new “Song of the World”, a hymn to rediscovered sensoriality!

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